Who I Am

Lorenzo CubedduLorenzo Cubeddu is an Italian native Interpreter and Certified Professional Translator, with Bilingual Full Proficiency in the English language and I am also a Web Designer.

Resident in Ireland 17 years, and 5 years in England, in London, the Isle of Wight and Birmingham.

I offer Translation and Interpreting services from English to Italian and Italian to English. 

As in the phrase ” Practice makes perfect “, there is no real substitute for the full hand on experience.

After living nearly half of my life, 22 years in English speaking countries and in London, where I lived for 3 years studying the English language to an Advanced English Certificate – Cambridge Level.

I am now living in Ireland and am happily married for 16 years to an Irish girl.

I have also successfully undertaken a number of different studies and exams, apart from the Cambridge English, ranging from long term courses full of technical jargon, like a 6 months intensive RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Sailing and Windsurfing Instructor courses at the UKSA (United Kingdom Sailing Academy), studying navigation and chart work, meteorology etc… all studied in English… to the most technical computer and software studies, which is an ongoing process and very much part of my everyday life.

I keep my languages skills updated, strive for continual self-improvements in my work,  professional and personal life, through further studying, reading, courses etc…

Lorenzo Cubeddu Windsurfing

Lorenzo Cubeddu Windsurfing