Interpreting services English Italian – Italian English, suitable for a wide range of public and private Businesses, Individuals, Professionals etc…

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Following is a list of the different types of Interpreting services offered:

Consecutive Interpreting

The Interpretation is given after the speaker has finished speaking, a portion of a speech or a sentence.

The length of the speech and breaks for the Interpreter to deliver the Interpretation will have to be established in advance with the Client/s and notes may be taken depending on the length of the speech.

It is widely used in Presentations, Consultations, different types of Business Meetings and other Meetings, Question and Answer sessions, Speeches etc…

Community Interpreting

Community Interpretation is used in Interpreting services with Doctors, Solicitors, Hospitals, Garda√≠, Social services, Schools etc…

Escort Interpreting

Interpretation service to accompany a person or a group of people on a tour, visit, meetings etc…

Liaison Interpreting

Interpretation Service similar to Consecutive Interpreting with the difference that the Liaison Interpretation is given in short detailed sentences between two or more people.

Service options


Also referred as in-person interpreting, one-on-one and face-to-face and it is the most common type of Interpreting.

Videoconferencing (or Video Conference)

Videoconferencing Interpreting service can be arranged if required with Skype or other software, using a computer/laptop/tablet or other suitable devices with webcam, a microphone and speakers.

This service can be affected by connection breaks, or other technical issues that could interfere with the Interpreting session, interrupting it and even disrupting it.

An Internet connection with good signal strength is required for a smooth and clear video and audio session, with a recommended (Skype) download / uploads speed of 300kbps / 300kbps.

You can check bandwidth requirements at and your connection speed at


Interpreting over the phone is also available for a quick support and emergencies.

Some of the Interpreting services need booking one week in advance.

The Client/s will be required to brief and provide material and documentation specific to the meeting/s with the booking, including any dialects and/or accents if relevant, in order for Interpreting preparation and to provide the best service possible.